Adopt a School

Executive Chef Ben and Sarah, our Sustainability Champion, were back in school last week for a practical session with this year’s Year 5’s at St Clare’s primary school. As part of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts’ Adopt a School charity (Irene here is our Academician), we run a cookery school lesson each term, which sees children learning to make healthy fruit and vegetable salads to take home.

The aim of the session was to teach children different cutting techniques; to hold, chop and slice different fruits and vegetables using the bridge and claw methods, in a safe manner.

Speaking with the children during the session, at age 9 and 10, some of them had never been included in making food at home, while others appeared far more experienced. Whether a child was or wasn’t new to food preparation and cooking, the benefit of having a chef in school was quite clear. Within a morning, the children had improved with confidence and skill at cutting; applying less pressure to the food, improving their hand coordination and holding the knife (plastic!) correctly. They get so excited about our visits, and we really enjoy working with them each term.

Opus will be back at St Clare’s in the summer for their Front of House session, sharing our knowledge on how to take orders, serve food and be the perfect waiter. We will report back in June!


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