More than just spuds…

Potato Dinner: “More than just spuds”

I know what you’re thinking when you see the words potato dinner…

“How interesting can a potato be?”

Well lucky for us, we had Lucy and Anthony Carroll from Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes in Northumberland to tell us exactly how interesting potatoes can be.

I’ve got to admit that I was only familiar with white potatoes, red skin potatoes and sweet potatoes before I saw the extensive variety that Carroll’s brought along with them! There are so many different textures, colours and flavours to choose from. It was great to see that a potato can be so versatile and can be considered more than just a side dish.

The evening was spread amongst 5 delicious courses prepared by our talented and innovative kitchen team. The evening started with not-your-average ‘Jacket Potato’ bread rolls with sea salted butter; they were made from potato flour and cleverly presented in wooden crates and wrapped in foil to imitate the look of a baked potato. Straight out of the oven, they had the smell of a freshly baked potato.


The first course of the evening was Baked Arran Victory Potato Risotto, Coolea Cheese.

This course was delicate, well balanced and perfect way to convince guests that the evening was about to be something spectacular. The kitchen team cooked the Arborio rice in baked potato stock, then diced potatoes into the rice, added potato puree and powdered potato skins and topped with potato crisps; what a delicious flavour!


Second course was Warm corned beef, Yukon gold potato puree, Evesham beets. The beef was from a Devon herd and was incredibly delicate, matching the unctuous puree from the Yukon gold. To no surprise this course was very well received and it was one of the most vibrant dishes of the evening


The fish course was; Steamed fillet of Brill, truffled Mr. Little Yetholm Gypsy terrine, early season Wye Valley asparagus, hollandaise sauce. After speaking with guests, I believe that this was the most popular dish of the evening with everybody singing its praises.

They weren’t wrong, this dish displayed awesome balance and incredible flavours with a nice chunky piece of white brill complimented with impeccable truffled Mr. Little Yetholm Gypsy terrine and hollandaise sauce. One guest said “I could have had a <huge> plateful of the truffled terrine all night, and I would be content!” The variety of potato used was cultivated by Mr Little, a gypsy from Yetholm, a village nestled at the start of the Pennine Way.


The main course of the evening was Roasted loin of Cotswold venison, red Emmalie mash, wild garlic and pink fir apple puree. This dish displayed interesting rich colours using the deep pink Emmalie potatoes which had a delicate earthy flavour to compliment the venison extremely well. These potatoes were the most vibrant used throughout the evening.


Now, dessert. I was wracking my brains to think of what dessert could include potato. It was to my surprise when our genius chef Sam came up with a Russet Burbank potato pancake, white chocolate ice cream, Yorkshire rhubarb. This course was delicious & light and the perfect way to end the first Dinner Series 2016. It was accompanied with a shot of Chase Potato Vodka.


As mentioned, each course was well received and everyone who joined was well and truly impressed with the chefs’ creations. I am now officially a spud fan and I will be on the search for unusual potatoes to use for my home cooking!

You can take a visit Carroll’s Heritage Potato Farm in Northumberland to see where all the beautiful produce is born! As it is a hard working farm, make sure you telephone them before you drop by! Please contact Lucy on 01890 883060 for more info.

Look out for our next SOURCE dinner on Friday 17th June: Fish Dinner with M&J Seafood.

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